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History of SoftifyBD Limited

SoftifyBD Limited turned up and started operations as a start-up software-based firm in the year 2017 in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Perceiving the seriousness of IT empowering the industry groups, we commenced our journey to automate diverse fields of operations through digital solutions.


- 2018The Pioneer Years

Our story begins in 2018 on April 1, with the thought of automating the ISP industry. We realized the technological complications of the ISP industry, so we planned and took place as our office and started working with only four people.


- 2018The First Launching Solution

Soon after, we worked and developed for four consecutive months, we successfully built a software solution for the ISP industry named "ISP Digital." Our intention was clear: we were not just building software. We researched and found areas where people find difficulties in doing business. We integrated those modules into this solution to make business easier.


- 2019Greater User Convenience

Our objective has become more and more solution-centric after launching ISP Digital. We observed that the client was facing technical difficulties. After that, we set up a new team that would only train clients with technical knowledge to make them technically sound. We ensure that ISP clients understand how to run the business better and get all the benefits.


- 2019Meeting the Consumer Needs

The ISP industry received a solution for management and billing solutions with ISP Digital, but something more was required as the BTRC was ordered to follow regulations on recording IP Logs for individual ISP companies. We developed an IP log maintenance software solution named "Infinity Log" that helps ISP businesses keep IP log records.


- 2021A Taste of Success

Observing the success of ISP Digital, SoftifyBD Limited wanted to expand its boundaries. That came with the inception of making more software in various industries. The success of our software in the ISP industry allowed us to hold a strong position and get more partners for expansion.


- 2022Crossing Global Boundaries

In 2022, we now have 50 members on our team. We expanded our offices in multiple cities. We have software solutions for four major industries. Our clients now come from all over the world. We have come up with multiple ventures to work on within the upcoming days. The new ventures include Biznify (an ERP solution for SMEs) and a Hospital Management solution.

Overview of SoftifyBD Limited

  • Name of The Company SoftifyBD Limited
  • Year Established 22 May, 2018
  • Type Of Business Private Limited Company
  • Chairman MD. Motashim Billah Morshed
  • Founder & CEO Md. Mostaim Billah Murad
  • Co-Founder & CTO Kazi Rifat
  • DIRECTOR & COO Md. Ashaduzzaman
  • Head Office Hazi Motaleb Plaza, S.S. Shah Road,Bandar, Narayanganj - 1410
  • Corporate Office Flat B4, House No 71, Road 27, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
  • Departments Software Department, Administration & HR Department, Marketing & Support Department
  • Company Email info@softifybd.com, sales@softifybd.com, support@softifybd.com
  • Market Coverage Worldwide
  • Company Phone +8801730797262, +880811998241
  • Company Hotline +8809613228899
  • Expertise Areas Software Development, Website Development, Mobile Apps Development, Graphics Design, Bulk SMS Service, Hosting Service
  • Technologies we use C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Ajax, SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Jquery, RESTFul APIs
  • Total Employees 50-60 Employees

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Meet Our Leaders

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Mostashim Billah Morshed Chairman

"Discover, research, and flourish. We strive to IT empower the industries with unique opportunities for success and expansion to all business fields."

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Mostaim Billah Murad Founder & CEO

"Whatever the type of business is, try to include Technology in it. Of course, the decision will be one of the best moves for your entire business life. "

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Kazi Rifat Co-Founder & CTO

"Technology is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Here at SoftifyBD Limited, we are working towards the fulfilment of this necessity."

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Md. Ashaduzzaman Director & COO

"Empowering businesses with innovative technology solutions is our top priority. At SoftifyBD Limited, we strive to create opportunities for growth and success in every industry we serve."